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Welcome to Young Rebel Recording Studio

Ignite Your Music

Your journey from the cradle to the stage begins here.
​Dream, Create, Play.

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About Young Rebel Recording Studio

Crafting Musical Excellence

At Young Rebel Recording Studio, we specialize in honing raw talent and guiding artists of all ages and genres through their musical career. With a plethora of services from music lessons to recording, mixing, mastering, music production, publishing and so much more, we’re the soundboard to your success.

Artist Development
Our comprehensive approach takes emerging artists under our wing, providing the necessary tools, talents, and space to grow from aspiring musicians into stage-ready performers.
All Genres Welcome
From rock to pop, classical to electronica, our doors are open to all. Diversity in music is celebrated, and every genre finds a home and a heart at Young Rebel Recording Studio.
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Studio Services

Our Offerings

Each service at Young Rebel Recording Studio is designed to refine your craft and take your talents to new heights. We cover every aspect of the music production process, tailored for each artist’s unique sound and style.

Recording Sessions

Capture your sound with professional studio equipment and experienced sound engineers ready to record your next hit.

Mix & Master

Our mixing and mastering prowess ensures your tracks are polished to perfection, delivering radio-ready quality.

Music Production

Collaborate with our in-house producers and session musicians to craft a sound that's uniquely yours, matching your vision and our creativity.

Music Lessons

Learn from the masters of their craft, whether it's instrumental excellence or vocal virtuosity, our tutoring propels your ability.

Live Performance

Hone your stage presence on our in-house stage, where live performances meld raw energy with experienced coordination.

Events, Promotions and Publishing

Our events showcase your talents, and our promotions amplify your music to reach audiences and industry insiders alike.


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Block 4, Unit 13, Ferndale on Republic, Cross Street, Randburg, South Africa View on Map
Mon - Fri 11am - 7pm and Sat: 9am - 5pm